Education and Training

AcademyHealth‘s methods seminars address key methods topics identified by the AcademyHealth Methods Council. All seminars have an applied focus, and emphasize researchers’ ability to understand and apply current methods in the field. Seminars are offered for a variety of audiences with different levels of methodological experience.  Please view the AcademyHealth Professional Development Catalog for a comprehensive list of training opportunities offered by AcademyHealth, including:

  • Online Seminars may be accessed on-demand, or as live webinars.  Topics cover a range of methodologies and are available for various skill levels.
  • Methods Events provide the HSR community an opportunity to receive in-depth methods instruction.  Offerings are available over the course of the year, including seminars and workshops concurrent to the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting (ARM) and the National Health Policy Conference (NHPC), and as special events.

The International Health Economics Association (iHEA) maintains a database of upcoming educational
opportunities related to health economics. To view the database, visit

Kaiser Family Foundation maintains an on-line Syllabus Library which provides an opportunity for faculty to share syllabi for health policy courses.
Each entry identifies the school, the professor and the course name and provides a link to the course syllabus. Major topics include: maintains an extensive list of education resources of interest to health outcomes professionals.


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