Public Health. The American Public Health Association bookstore includes a large number of new and old books related to public health published through APHA Press.

Health Economics. The International Health Economics Association (iHEA) maintains an on-line database of new and in-print books related to health economics.

Health Policy. This link provides a continously updating listing of new books related to U.S. health policy, politics, and law provided through RSS/Atom news feeds from major book publishers in health policy.

General Sources

Books in Print

  • MedBookstore.Com
    Purports to offer the largest selection of medical CD-ROMs, electronic titles and medical books (over 73,000 titles), with guaranteed 24 hour turnaround time for all orders. Predominantly clinical, but some health administration/health policy titles available.
  • Barnes and Noble
    Purports to be “world’s largest bookseller online”  (B&N is #1 bookseller in US). Site permits searches by entering title, author or keywords or selecting from detailed subject categories (e.g., “medical” has 50+ subcategories, including “health policy,” “medical ethics,” & “Medicaid and Medicare” etc.  Offers deep discounts on most offerings.
  • Amazon.Com
    Purports to be “earth’s largest bookstore” (2.5 million titles), but only keeps in stock best-selling titles. Therefore, delivery times often slower than Barnes and Noble. Site permits searches by entering title, author or keywords.  Offers discounts similar to Barnes and Noble.
  • Borders Group
    Purports to be “best selection in the world” (3 million titles). On-line help available by using the info desk or calling the customer service number listed.

Library Catalog Supersites

On-line Library Catalogs

  • Library of Congress
    Includes full catalog on-line, special collections and sophisticated searching capabilities.

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