Violent/Abusive Behavior

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  • Pregnancies from Rape Prove Tough to Count (Wall Street Journal, 8.25-26.12). The number of pregnancies resulting from rapes has been estimated to be between 25,000 and 32,101. But various estimates have been reported as low as 225 and 83,000.  In part this relates to widely varying estimates about the number of annual rapes, which in official government publications range from 64,000 to as many as 1.3 million a year.
    • FBI counted about 84,767 forcible rapes (i.e., excluding statutory rapes) in 2010 based on crime reports submitted by local law enforcement agencies.
    • Department of Justice National Crime Victimization Survey counted 188,380 rapes and sexual assaults in 2010.
    • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducts a victimization survey that counted 1.3 million rapes in 2010.


General Resources

Domestic Violence



  • UNODC Homicide Statistics. The backbone of the 2011 Global Study on Homicide, UNODC Homicide Statistics is a collection of statistical data on intentional homicide (unlawful death purposefully inflicted on a person by another person). The dataset covers 207 countries and territories and provides data on homicide levels, trends and contextual characteristics drawn from a variety of national and international sources relating to homicide.
  • Uniform Crime Reports (FBI).
  • FASTSTATS: Assault or Homicide (CDC).




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