State Health Reform

  • is staffed by policy experts who believe that economic incentives, combined with personal authority, will enhance the political, economic, and physical health of our states and our citizens. is a collaborative effort of the groups that belong to the State Policy Network (SPN). SPN is the national service organization of America’s free-market, state-focused policy organizations. They watch developments in the states, and make recommendations for public policy, including health care policy. The site provides links to each individual state with news about health reform initiatives in each.
  • California | A Resource on California Health Care Reform. CHCF and the Center for Governmental Studies created as a one-stop site to learn about the 2007 reform proposals on the table, compare and analyze features of the proposals, and weigh in on the policy debate. The site offers comprehensive analysis, discussion, and news about the 2007 health care reform debate in California.
  • Indiana | Indiana: Health Care Reform Amidst Colliding Values. In May 2007, Indiana enacted comprehensive health reform in the form of the Indiana Check-Up Plan and its centerpiece, the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP). After intense negotiations, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services granted Indiana the 1115b waiver required for the plan to go into effect in December 2007. HIP is the first Medicaid expansion in the nation to be modeled in the spirit of a high deductible health plan (HDHP)/ health savings account (HSA).
  • Massachusetts | The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation has an online resource dedicated to Massachusetts health reform: can navigate through sections devoted to the following topics:
  • The Massachusetts Law and its History
  • Health Reform Implementation
  • Health Reform Results
  • Financing Massachusetts Reform
  • Health Reform 2.0: Cost and Quality
  • Lessons from the Massachusetts Experience
  • How National Reform Affects Massachusetts
  • Other Resources
  • Massachusetts | WBUR‘s CommonHealth Reform and Reality provides on-going news and information about the Massachusetts health reform plan.
  • New York | Linda J. Blumberg, Bowen Garrett, Matthew Buettgens, Lisa Clemans-Cope, John Holahan, Aaron Lucas, Paul Masi, Baoping Shang. Achieving Quality, Affordable Health Insurance for All New Yorkers: An Analysis of Reform Options. Urban Institute, July 17, 2009. [Summary (html)][Full Text (pdf)]
  • Utah | Edmund F. Haislmaier. State Health Reform: The Significance of Utah Health Insurance Reforms. Heritage Foundation WebMemo #2569, July 29, 2009. [Full Text (html)]


  • Kaiser Health NewsStates.

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