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Key Questions (by Shaylar Padgett)

What is the Advantage to Family Planning?

To ensure that women use reproductive rights the way they want to, and there are many organizations that provide services. The NFPRHA works worldwide and provides family planning to countries like Ghana where HIV/AIDS is a problem and children are being born with it. Family Planning could help with this epidemic. All people can benefit from Family Planning; people who qualify for Medicaid can use federal family planning services to help control family size and help pay for items like counseling and education.

What are Some Methods for Family Planning and How Does that Affect Abortion?

Contraception is always a great method to reduce your likelihood of becoming pregnant and a great way to express your reproductive rights. The emergency contraceptive pill, Plan B, is another way to hopefully reduce pregnancy, however, many people are still having abortions. Family planning also may involve counseling and education, vasectomies, and rhythm method techniques to help couples plan for their future.

Natural Family Planning is Not the Same Family Planning. What’s the Difference?

Family Planning uses means to obtain the goal of the couple whether that is getting pregnant or not; the means involve contraceptives and even surgical procedures, basically anything that is artificial and involves more than just the couple. Natural family planning involves natural methods like body temperature, cervical mucus, and rhythm to understand when the best time to copulate is or not.



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