Key Questions (by Shaylar Padgett)

How Can Having an Abortion Affect the Lives of Women/Girls Afterward?

Some women feel at peace and relieved while other women may exhibit signs of depression or withdrawal that may become Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. After the abortion, the majority of women, according to the Guttmacher Institute can return to their regular life as if nothing happened; maybe not even telling the ones she loves. In certain instances especially with teenage girls, abortion can lead to family turmoil and severe consequences that they child was trying to avoid in the first place.

Who is Getting Abortions and When?

One would suspect that unwed teenage girls would be the age group with the most abortions, however, this is not exactly the case. The women in the early twenties (20-24) comprise the most abortions in this country. Most women and girls who opt to get abortions do so within seven to eight weeks. Most of the women getting abortions also seem to heavily live and have the procedure in the state of California (which is not surprising).

How Does the Law Play a Key Role in Family Planning/Abortion?

Roe v. Wade may abortion legal so that women could stop having abortions illegally and end up with botched procedures or even death. With Family Planning becoming a larger issue and seeing federal funding for clinics and other resources like contraception, abortion should not have to be the end result for an unexpected mom. Bush has placed the future of family planning in the hands of a man who shares extremist views on abortion and birth control, both options for expressing your reproductive rights according to those who believe and support family planning.



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