House of Representatives

Standing House of Representatives Committees

  • Agriculture
    Jurisdiction includes Food Stamps, WIC and other nutrition programs; and food inspection.
  • Appropriations
    Jurisdiction includes all discretionary funding for federal programs.
  • Armed Services
    Jurisdiction includes all military funding, including military health programs (CHAMPUS).
  • Budget
    This committee establishes nonbinding target amounts for all health spending.
  • Commerce
    Jurisdiction includes health authorizations and reauthorizations, including Medicaid, Medicare Part B (shared with Ways and Means), public health, and health facilities.  Key subcommittees which cover health policy issues include: a) Commerce, Consumer Protection and Competitiveness; b) Health and the Environment; and c) Transportation and Hazardous Materials.
  • Education and Human Resources
    Jurisdiction includes worker safety, workforce issues such as medical leave, higher education student assistance programs, and programs affecting family health including child abuse/domestic violence, Older Americans Act and nutrition programs for elderly.  Key subcommittees which cover health policy issues include: a) Occupational Health and Safety; b) Workforce Protection; c) Employer-Employee Relations; d) Postsecondary Training & Lifelong Education; and e) Early Childhood, Youth and Families.
  • Judiciary
    Jurisdiction includes antitrust; health fraud and tort reform.
  • Government Reform and Oversight
    Jurisdiction includes Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan (FEHBP), consumer product safety, environmental protection, and management of all human resource agencies including DHHS and Veterans Affairs.  Key subcommittees which cover health policy issues include: a) Civil Service; b) National Economic Growth, Natural Resources and Regulatory Affairs; and c) Human Resources.
  • Veterans’ Affairs
    Jurisdiction includes VA health and rehabilitation.  Key subcommittee which covers health policy issues is Subcommittee on Health.
  • Ways and Means
    Jurisdiction includes taxes, Medicare Part A (hospital) and Medicare Part B (shared with Commerce).

House of Representatives Organization


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