II. Who’s Who in Health Policy

The listings below are general directories and trade organization member lists that may cut across many categories of organizations. For directories that are more focused on particular types of organizations, see separate page listings for:

United States | Open Access Directories

Alliance for Health Reform. The Alliance maintains an on-line Sourcebook for Journalists on Covering Health Issues. The sourcebook is organized by issue area (e.g., Uninsured, Medicaid) and each topic includes links to sources and Web sites, including names and phone numbers of 40-50 experts in each area, including advocates, analysts, stakeholders and those in government.

Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management. Anyone can search this on-line directory for an individual APPAM member by last name only; the directory provides mailing address, e-mail, phone, and fax if available. Use for creating mailing lists or email distribution lists expressly is forbidden.

Association of University Programs in Health Administration. A published directory of all faculty in AUPHA’s member programs includes each faculty member’s name, university affliation and area of specialization. This directory may be ordered on-line.

Authors in Health Economics (IDEAS, hosted by Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis). An alphabetical listing with individual researcher profiles along with individual and institutional rankings.

BioMedExperts (BME) is a revolutionary platform to allow scientists and researchers across multiple organizations – and nations – to share data and collaborate in ways never before possible.

Global Health Online Directory. The Global Health Online Directory is a dynamic searchable index of current projects and programs involving Columbia University faculty, staff, and students who contribute expertise in education, research, and treatment relating to worldwide public health. This site is intended to stimulate awareness, communication, and collaboration internally as well as beyond the Columbia community by connecting visitors to global-health resources at the university, including project leaders, current research, academic programs, campus events, and fieldwork opportunities around the world.

Modern Healthcare100 Most Influential People in Healthcare  is an annual compilation of individuals who are deemed by their peers and an expert panel to be the most influential individuals in the industry, in terms of leadership and impact; these lists began in 2002.

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA). NAELA was founded in 1988 as a professional association of attorneys who are dedicated to improving the quality of legal services provided to the elderly. The Academy seeks to provide support to other organizations serving the elderly. NAELA also examines and advocates on public policy issues facing the elderly, but does not provide direct legal services. If you are seeking legal advice, please contact an elder law attorney in your community.

Tobacco Control Directory. There are more and more people and please contact an elder law attorney in your community. You can access a organizations involved in tobacco control. The mission list of our members here: of the tobacco control directory is to help you find out who is who and how to reach the right person. We also provide references about the institutions and agencies in the field. We depend on all the members of the tobacco control community to contribute so that the information we offer is the most accurate and up to date. Our goal is to operate for you a comprehensive and highly searchable service to facilitate and improve communication.

United States | Member-Only Directories

AcademyHealth. AcademyHealth maintains a searchable directory of its 4,000 members, available only to current AcademyHealth members. http://www.academyhealth.org/membership/membersonly.htm

American College of Legal Medicine. ACLM members may access the ACLM on-line searchable membership directory. This directory allows you to search for members alphabetically, geographically, or by specialty and area of expertise. Information is also available at: www.aclm.org

American Health Planning Association. AHPA members may use the AHPAnet listserv as an electronic bulletin board to contact all other AHPAnet members and find general infromation at www.ahpanet.org.

American Public Health Association. APHA members can update their own records or search an on-line directory of 50,000 members of APHA. On-line discussion groups are available only to APHA members for the Medical Care Section and for Health Reform Issues.

Committee on Health Politics, American Political Science Association. An e-mail distribution list of members is maintained by Jim Brasfield, Webster University. The Committee welcomes members. Membership is free and requires only an interest in health politics and policy.

Medical Sociology Section, American Sociological Association. Section members may use the MedSoc listserv as an electronic bulletin board to contact all other section members.

National Academy of Social Insurance. Members may obtain contact information for any of the 550 members of NASI can be obtained directly from the Academy.


International Directory of Finance and Economics Professionals. Provides a list of journals and other useful academic links relating to economics and finance.

International Health Economics Association. Anyone can search this on-line directory for an individual IHEA member by first name, last name, organization or country; the directory provides mailing address, e-mail, phone, and fax if available, along with self-declared research interests.


The Canadian Healthcare Directory. A listing of all healthcare facilities, as well as key policy and legislative analysis at the national and state levels. Published quarterly, CHCD contains information on senior staff, ownership, license and statistics (beds, budget, personnel, etc.) and addresses (including e-mail) of the following: Canadian hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, manufacturers, and more.

European Who’s Who in Health Promotion is a database of human resources which describes the fields of expertise and activities of about 5,000 experts involved in health promotion and public health in Europe. A simplified, unrestricted version of the database may be consulted by everybody. A full version, restricted to the experts who are included in the database, provides access to more comprehensive information with wider search facilities (a log-in code is required).


2 Responses to “II. Who’s Who in Health Policy”

  1. HC Policy 101: Great Resource | Healthcare Policy Matters Says:

    […] Who’s Who in Health Policy area provides a parallel listing of various directories of federal, state and local policymakers in […]

  2. Healthcare Policy Matters | HC Policy 101: Great resource Says:

    […] Who’s Who in Health Policy area provides a parallel listing of various directories of federal, state and local policymakers in […]

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